To build goodwill and trust, we have written down the answers of some frequently asked questions

Most of the times at airports multiple flights are operating due to which lot of vehicles enter in airport vicinity thus causes long queues of vehicles.

As per instructions of Govt of Pakistan, only three persons including driver in case of private vehicle are allowed with one passenger to avoid unnecessary rush in the concourse halls and car park areas.

VIP Lanes are maintained to ensure enhanced security of high dignitaries of Govt of Pakistan, only officers of BPS-20 and approved dignitaries are allowed in VIP Lanes.

Domestic/International Departures are restricted areas so only authorized persons are allowed to enter. Valid ticket is authorization for entry of passengers into these restricted areas.

Passengers are always instructed to report at check-in Counters at least 04 hours prior to respective flight departure time. Notwithstanding, majority of passengers report late resulting in hassle & long queues. Moreover, simultaneously operation of number of flights also causes long queues. 

To ensure smooth departure, passengers are advised to check information on guidelines for carriage of liquids, aerosols and jells on airport website.

Keeping in view the safety of passengers, crew & aircraft, such type of goods which could be used in any unlawful interference onboard-in air, are not allowed. However, the mentioned goods i.e. spices, duct tape, packing tape etc. are allowed in Hold (check-in) Baggage.  

Please see Dangerous Goods catalogue (Annex-18 of ICAO).

Luggage whose images not cleared by X-ray machine, is opened for manual search.

These items are divested for alarm-resolution (beeping of no alarm by Walk through Metal Detector) as well as scanning by X-ray Machine.

For detection of certain non-metallic contraband items. 

Keeping in view the threat scenario in the country, for security of public, airport installations and to counter any untoward incident at airport. 

No security personnel is allowed to behave rudely with passengers or others. As already stated above, suspect baggage is opened for manual search. There is no relaxation on security procedures.

There are multiple steps in issuance of Airport Entry Passes. However, maximum efforts are taken to avoid unnecessary delay in the procedure.

According to instructions laid in Access Control Policy of Govt of Pakistan, background checks i.e. IB, Special Branch or Police clearance is also necessary for airport functionaries already performing in Government Departments.

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