20 April, 2015

Pasni Radar Station

On 20 April 2015 at about 2320 hours, about 10-12 unknown miscreants / terrorists attacked Pasni Radar Station and opened fire on the Radar. ASF staff deployed at the Radar Station immediately took positions and opened fire on the unknown attackers. Due to quick response from ASF Staff miscreants / attackers ran away from the scene taking advantage of darkness. However, no casualty / damage occurred during the encounter.

08 June 2014

Jinnah International Airport

On 8 June 2014, 10 militants attacked Jinnah International Airport. Attackers divided in 2 groups, stormed from two different points and attacked the cargo terminal of the airport with automatic weapons, hand grenades, rocket-propelled grenades, and other explosives. The attackers were dressed as ASF officials, with some also wearing suicide vests. Airports Security Force troops fought bravely, limited the terrorists attack and started taking them out one by one. Within 2 hours, eight of the ten militants were shot dead by the Airports Security Force troops and the remaining two blew themselves up when they were cornered. 12 ASF personnel embraced Shahadat.

06 February 2007

Islamabad International Airport

On 6 February 2007 ASF staff at Car Park Islamabad Airport was performing duty as per practices and procedures in vogue for ensuring security of car parks. In doing so, at 2115 hours a Toyota Corolla Car No SLA-6222 came at security check post of Rawal Car Park. ASF staff stopped the car for security check and sensing the profile of the occupants suspicious, asked the driver to park the vehicle on side lane for detailed search. The driver complied with the instructions. On that, the passenger sitting on front seat got confused and abruptly opened fire on ASF Sub Inspector who received bullet on lower jaw and fell down.

The terrorist tried to flee from the spot and ran towards General Car Parking. Sensing the intention of terrorist, ASF staff also opened fire and Sector Commander ASF immediately ordered ASF staff through wireless to close the exit and entrance gates of the airport. On that, terrorist threw a hand grenade which caused damage to cars parked in the area injuring one ASF and one Police personnel. During the exchange of fire, the terrorist was hit. One of the hand grenade carried by the terrorist exploded on his person and eliminated him. ASF performed their assigned task of aviation security professionally averting a major disaster at the airport. The role of ASF staff in the incident was commendable and appreciable which saved the lives of innocent functionaries, passengers and general public present at the airport by foiling the nefarious designs of terrorist. ASF is proud of the performance of its staff on duty on that day.

16 January 2002

Lahore International Airport

On 16 January 2002, at 01:55 hours, an occupant of a Suzuki Cultus car from a short distance of main gate of Lahore International Airport started firing at ASF duty staff. As a consequence, two persons received a bullet injury each on the legs, while the third one was hit by three bullets. ASF staff nearby opened fire and hit the car‘s windscreen. The terrorist taking advantage of safe distance escaped.

20 October 2001

Islamabad International Airport

On 20 October 2001, at 12:25 hours, at Islamabad International Airport, the ASF staff deployed in public concourse noticed an unattended bag along with a cardboard carton lying near the sitting area. On enquiring about the bag, a bearded person standing nearby claimed it. At 12:30 hours the staff again observed the same bag but owner was missing. It was quickly shifted to the bomb disposal ditch where it exploded shortly after disposal.

03 July 2001

Islamabad International Airport

On 3 July 2001, at 20:45 hours an IED concealed in the walk-man cassette player was spotted by ASF staff in the public concourse of Islamabad International Airport.

24 August 1995

PIA Fokker-27

On 24 August 1995, on a PIA Fokker-27, flying from Islamabad to Faisalabad, two saboteurs launched an assault on a passenger, a sitting MNA from Punjab. One assassin stabbed a sharp pair of scissors in to the victim‘s abdomen and the second one tried to cut his throat by means of a sharp razor. The in-flight Air-guards opened fire and managed to kill both the assassins, through sharp shooting.

12 March 1988

PIA Airbus A-300

On 12 March 1988, an Afghan citizen cultivated by the “KHAD”; armed with a pistol, hijacked a PIA Airbus A-300, flying from Karachi to Quetta. The in-flight ASF Air-guard received four bullets in the scuffle but managed to overpower the hijacker.

25 April 1987

Jacobabad Airport

In 1987, some miscreants started firing at the Jacobabad airport building from a safe distance. ASF sentry on duty opened fire in the general direction and the miscreants bolted away.

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