Director General

Major General Adnan Asif Jah Shad HI (M)

The induction of information technology brought the world on fingertips and made the life of mankind easier.

Taking advantage of this innovation, Airport...

Deputy Director General

Brig Salah ud Din Ayubi

With the advancement of modern technologies such as internet, mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices, life of human beings has become more comfortable and easier.

The dev...

Visitors Guide

An Identification System is Evolved by ASF to regulate the entry procedures and prevent the un-authorized entry.

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Security Screening System

Articles prohibited in the cabin of an aircraft and in the Security Restricted Area for safety reasons.

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Access Control System

An identification system is evolved by ASF to regulate the entry procedures & prevent the un-authorized entry.

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Security Instructions

Do not enter or attempt to enter the area not mentioned on your Airport Entry Pass (AEP)

Our Frontline Heroes

Martyrs are alive, they are immortal, they dwell in heaven, and Allah provides them with all kinds of blessings and bounties. There is a better deed for every good deed except martyrdom in the way of Allah.

This will remain the land of the free so long as it is the home of the brave.

Muhammad Sarwar


Muhammad Jumman

Tariq Masood

Muhammad Iqbal


Asad Shahnawaz

Abdul Malik

Muntazir Shah

Muhammad Azam Hussain

Muhammad Hayat

Ghulam Murataza

Muhammad Aslam Pervez

Muhammad Pervez

Ahmed Jamal Khan

Fahim Mazhar

Muhammad Iqbal

Naseer Ahmed

Akhtar Hussain

Ali Akbar

Abid Hussain

Ghulam Mustafa

Muhammad Afzal

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The recruitment in ASF is made as per prescribed procedure and strictly in accordance with the quota laid down by the Government.

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